Counter Factual Archive

EPFL: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne
UX/UI: Web Design
October 01th, 2023

CAA is an independent institution exploring contemporary art practices that oscillate around fiction and faction, focusing on the problems of constructing history, post-memory effects, conspiracy thinking, and devising make-believe worlds in the reality intoxicated by truth.


The website we developed is based on the idea of ​​a fijital archive. The UX of the website partly repeats the logic of work in the physical archive. Shelves with documents and files are moved as if it were happening in a physical archive. Projects are next to each other like folders on shelves, unfolding projects is also like opening a physical folder you just took off the shelf. With all these physical additions, the structure of the website, of course, remains modern, according to the content it contains, and this video and photo materials are presented in carousels.

The archive logo also takes us back to a very simple sign that consists of the letters f + t forming a parenthesis and a very concise logo.