Audio Poster PLUA&PLAY

Poster Design
May 1th, 2015

Audio poster for a concert in Dziza, Lviv, as part of the First International Forum of Independent Initiatives, which my initiative HATNEGRANNYA implemented in 2015. The event consisted of several modules, some of which had co-organizers, this event took place in the Lviv club cafe Dziga. The participants of the concert were Oleksandr Sushinskyi and ... and Adam Frankevich and Darek Pietrashevskyi.
Since the most interesting moment of the concert was the participation of Adam Frankevich, who played from audio cassettes, we decided to realize the poster of the concert in the form of an audio installation.The poster had three states: a clean background, which was hung a few weeks before the event and marked the foreboding of the event, the actual poster with an audio tape recorder, and the third - a cassette glued to the poster. As a post information.
All the information related to the event was recorded on the tape - in fact, it is an audio representation of the text that was supposed to be published on the poster, only the text was read by Volodymyr Beglov. The recognizable voice of Lviv. The text was duplicated and recorded on the cassette so as to completely fill sides A and B. To find out about the event, you had to press the > button.