Lund University
Video Production

Anti-fascism poster for a project at the University of Lund, with the participation of Ukrainian composer Alla Zagaykevych. The theme of anti-fascism was chosen by the organizers, the concert aimed to touch upon the theme of the war in Ukraine through the mediation of the theme of anti-fascism.
A separate layer is the theme of sexism, since the heroines of the Zagaykevych concert were also a composer from... who, after the concentration camps, found herself in an environment of exclusion, being a female composer. Somewhat ironic in a sad sense, the topic, regarding the lack of transformation of public opinion, is still relevant today. Humanity, as a system, as an organism, does not transform at all, or transforms very slowly.What does the lack of response to the war in Ukraine among European countries and the dragging bureaucracy in the context of making vitally necessary decisions indicate. However, while studying these contexts, we focused primarily on the topic of anti-fascism, which we tried to beat in an atypical way.
Fascia is a bundle of rods that has been associated with power since the time of Ancient Rome. In its propaganda, this concept also plays tricks on Russia, using the essentially productive idea of ​​unity - twigs that are more complex together,or it is impossible to break them, united in a bundle - this image appears in propaganda videos in Russia, the same idea of ​​fascias was adopted by the Nazis. In the end, we deconstruct this concept, turning the fascia into a pile of branches used to start a fire. This image is multi-layered, since the bonfire can be interpreted, in the context of the phoenix, as the birth of something new - fresh ideas from rotten brushwood.