Print Design
November 1th, 2013

An exhibition of posters for my grandfather Stepan Trofymuk's 90th birthday, which at the same time was an information campaign that invited participation in the evening of his grandfather's memory. Photos from the family archive were used for the posters. Together, they all made up a certain story, it looks as if a purposeful photo session took place here, realized in such a certain unified style, and in the 60s of the last century.
The photographs reveal the figure of Stepan Trofymuk in various roles, as well as hung in key locations where he worked and institutions he was involved with. So, after visiting all these locations, it was possible to learn more about his person, forming a coherent image from the fragments of stories. The photos hung in…
The important fact is that I asked all these institutions not to throw away these posters, I needed them for archiving, but not a single poster was preserved. That is, none of the institutions communicated to their employees about my request. Whether this is a communication error on my part or something else is a mystery, but the key marker of the problem is the word "communication".